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Delhi Medical Council , a Statutory Body constituted in September 1998, as a result of enactment of Delhi Medical Council Act, 1997 by the Government of NCT of Delhi. Delhi Medical Council is vested with powers, duties and function of regulating the practice of Modern Scientific System of Medicine in the NCT of Delhi.

Powers, Duties & Functions of Delhi Medical Council
  1. To maintain a live register,and to provide for the registration of medical practitioners

  2. To hear and decide appeals against any decision of the Registrar.

  3. To prescribe a Code of ethics for regulating the professional Conduct of practitioners.

  4. To reprimand a practitioner, or to suspend or remove his name from the register, or to take such other disciplinary action against him as may, in the opinion of the Council be necessary or expedient.

  5. To receive complaints from public (including patients and their relatives) against misconduct or negligence by a medical practitioner, to procced for inquest, take a decision on the merits of the case and to initiate disciplinary action or award compensation and similarly to take action against frivolous complaints.

  6. To provide protection to its members in discharging professional duties.

  7. To ensure that no unqualified person practices the modern system of medicine.

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